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Presented by Tamala Francis,
Founder & CEO at Francis & Co.


Are you tired of being your own worst enemy?

Are you ready to come into a more loving relationship with yourself?

Then this 30-day system reboot is just what you've been looking for

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Welcome, I’m so happy to see you here.

It tells me that something in you is tired of always giving yourself a hard time, giving space to the inner chatter that commands you to:

do more, be better, earn more, lose weight, gain weight, be more serious, be more fun

I’m tired for you, too! It’s exhausting, living with that endless, contradictory, emphatic tirade that takes up too much space in our heads.

Trust me, I know. I let my own inner chatter rule the roost for close to 50 years. But then I worked out how to hit reboot and create greater equilibrium in my own life.

Over the last nine years, I’ve also worked with hundreds of clients – beautiful, funny, smart, creative, clever women who can’t see how gorgeous they are – so I know what works with others, too.

This 30 Day Loving Reboot is a collection of all that works.

It’s a buffet; a smorgasbord of the ideas that can bring about a real, lasting change.

My hope is that you are able to create a new centre for yourself – a new core of loving self-

How would that be, for you?

Learn the tricks that the hard-on-you part plays on you, the unwinnable games that
keep you on the treadmill of self-improvement

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Learn how to turn down the volume of self-criticism and turn up the volume on a
new lexicon of love

Get back in touch with who you are – what you love, what you want, what you need
– in order that you can have a relationship with your SELF!

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Experiment with free writing exercises to help you tune into the wisdom of your

Experience a range of guided meditations and visualisations to help you commune
with your own inner wisdom

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There are some things to do, some things to think about, some things to journal on….that’s the thing with a buffet, there’s something for everyone!

Now, time for a big old DISCLAIMER!


Whilst this is called a 30 Day Loving Reboot you do not need to ‘complete’ it in 30 days


You do not need to show up every day, consistently


You can dip in an out, as fits with your lifestyle


The hard-on-you part will be DYING to tell how rubbish you are if you ‘miss’ a day – will tell you how you never stick at anything, how investing in this was a waste of money etc etc blah blah blah – so let’s just stop that train of thought in its tracks, shall we?!


That’s not the deal here


No recrimination, no judgement. Just an invitation to make it your own


You have LIFETIME access, so you can come back to the content again and again over the coming years


As you grow and change, so too the messages within this programme will change and have different resonance for you, over time 


Ready to make the change?

Are you ready to come into a loving relationship with yourself, and finally quieten the voice
that torments you and directs your life?

Do you want lifetime access to over 4 hours of content that will guide and support real
change in your life?


  • 30 Day Loving Reboot

    30 Day Loving Reboot Video Programme
    • 30 days of videos
    • Lifetime access
30 Da Reoot Pricing Plan
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