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Who you are is how you coach. But, who are you?

You are all that you know yourself to be – all that is available to you from your field of conscious awareness – and you are so much more besides. You are also formed and informed by all that is held in your unconscious. Far from being a passive repository, your unconscious – or shadow material – plays an active part in shaping your preferences, likes, dislikes, biases and more.


As a coach, developing presence (over persona) is an on-going journey; so learning the language of shadow is a way to deepen your understanding of the unconscious triggers that might take you out of presence at any moment, and enrich your reflective capabilities. 

Who am I and who are you?

As coaches, we work in relationship with the other. It is therefore crucial for us to have a sophisticated understanding of the boundary between ‘who I am’ and ‘who you are’, and an appreciation for the dynamic that exists ‘between us both’ at any moment.


Having a toolkit of shadow integration techniques in an excellent way of staying on top of this complex interplay. After all, how can I know what’s mine or yours without knowing what’s consciously or unconsciously mine first? Awareness of our shadow helps us to tune into the client's shadow more effectively, too.


That’s what this weekend workshop is all about:


introducing you to yourself - the you that isn’t known to you yet - in order that you can be an even better coach to those you work with.


What can I expect?

The weekend is is comprised of three interconnected parts:

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  1. The ICF Core Competencies are wrapped around the weekend to anchor your personal development in a professional framework. 

    All learning will be interwoven through Core Competencies 4 – 7 (Cultivates Trust and Safety, Maintains Presence, Listens Actively, Evokes Awareness) enabling you to take new insights directly back into your coaching.

  2. You will be introduced to a toolkit of Shadow Integration techniques that you can take away and integrate into your own personal and professional development long after the weekend is over. 

    We will focus on the four P’s of shadow language – Projection, Polarity, Parts and Patterns – allowing you to deepen your reflective skills and increase your presence in the coaching relationship.


  3. The work will be grounded in self-compassion techniques to activate your self-soothing system. Shadow can sometimes come cloaked in shame; compassion is the polarity of shame so having these techniques on hand provides a valuable counter-balance for safety and receptivity to learning.

    You will develop a take-away toolkit of self-compassion techniques that allows you to stay open to learning in the face of challenging or tricky emotions. 


Over the course of the weekend you will:


  • Earn 16 CCES: 12 Core Competencies and 4 Resource Development

  • Deepen your understanding of Core Competencies 4-7 through experiential learning and reflection

  • Have an experiential understanding of neuroception and interoception

  • Have an experiential understanding of projection

  • Learning the key skill of polarity mapping

  • Learn tools to understand yourself through shadow mapping

  • Identify, and work with, your own shadow figures

  • Experience self-compassion techniques to help activate the soothing system

  • Understanding how this work can help you in the coaching space to; increase trust and safety with clients (neuroception, interoception, projection); maintain presence (noticing projection / when parts emerge); listen actively (settling internal chatter); raise awareness (clarity over what’s mine/yours)


The weekend in a nutshell. (Well, a video, but you know what I mean)



  • I am not a coach. Can I attend?

Unfortunately, not this time. The weekend is for anyone working at a coach, at any stage in their career, with an interest in personal and professional development.


  • I am a coach but I am not certified. Can I attend?

Of course! We use the ICF Core Competencies as a framework for understanding how we show up in the coaching relationship but you do not need to have prior knowledge of these competencies to attend.


  • Are there any CCEs for attending?

Yes. 16 CCEs are available; 12 Core Competencies and 4 Resource Development.


  • Do I need to have any prior knowledge of shadow?

No, not at all. There will be some theory at the start of the weekend with a main focus on experiential learning. A reading list will be provided on sign-up for your general interest.


  • Where is the accommodation?

The course takes place in a beautiful, rural, Quaker conference centre in Oxfordshire. All rooms are single occupancy and the weekend is fully catered with a range of dietary requirements accommodated for. Collection from a local train station can be arranged.


  • How much is the programme? 

The cost of the weekend workshop – fully catered, single room occupancy, 16 CCEs – is £1050 for Early Bird tickets and £1200 full price. Early Bird offer ends on 1st March 2024.


I am offering two places at a reduced price for people on lower incomes who wouldn't otherwise be able to attend. These places are at £600. Payment plans are also available. Simply mark your preference on the registration form.

If you have any further questions, I'd love to hear from you.


Next steps

1. Fill in the registration form below

2. Complete payment, on receipt of invoice

3. Mark it in your calendar and try to contain your excitement until April!

4. Alternatively, sift through the reading list provided on application and see what you're drawn to exploring further

5. You might also like to follow me on LinkedIn where I will be sharing more thoughts and insights on the impact of my shadow work journey on my coaching. 

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