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You want lasting change.
I'm here for your journey.


I specialise in helping people come into a more loving and supportive relationship with themselves. 


When you inhabit this space, you are naturally more resourceful, creative and accepting - of yourself and others - meaning you can live with greater ease, clarity and energy. 


It takes energy to deny parts of yourself; far better to integrate who you are into yourself and use that energy to drive your ambitions and dreams forwards.

Clients tell me that I quickly create a safe space where they can show up as they are, warts and all.


When you can meet yourself without judgement, that's when you can begin the work of creating a toolkit of strategies that will help you with your day to day issues. 


My approach is particularly effective for issues relating to self-perception. I’ll help you retune the inner chatter that reinforces feelings of imposterism, fear, anxiety, or playing small, and I’ll help you turn down the volume on your inner critic and judge.


Without these limitations:

  • you'll be more able to trust yourself and your decisions;

  • you’ll bring more kindness and self-compassion into your relationship with yourself;

  • you’ll experience greater ease in your relationships with others:

  • and you'll enjoy the sense of well-being that comes from feeling more at home in your own skin. 

10+ years experience |  1400+ coaching hours  | PCC Accredited with ICF  |  5 Associate Roles

Some of my experiences in the ten years I’ve been coaching:

  • Five years coaching in men and women’s prisons

  • Coaching GPs and Practice Managers at risk of burnout

  • Coaching emerging leaders in the Civil Service

  • Coaching young people, and their families, at risk of entering the criminal justice system

  • Coaching at a deaf centre, through interpreters

  • Five years working as a Mental Health Coach in organisations

  • Extensive experience coaching people with neurodiversity

​Why I work the way I do:


Let’s cut to the chase and talk about money.


Why? Because, typically, coaching is expensive. And it can be a real barrier to getting the support you’re looking for. 


There’s a lot of received wisdom in the coaching world around what to charge and how to charge and how to push the envelope with your fees and how to get that six-figure coaching business. 


  • You’re told that if you charge too little then people won’t take you seriously. 

  • Or that if people can afford to pay you, then you’re not charging enough.


All of that makes me feel a bit icky…and yet it still feels pretty compelling, not least because I struggled to find a financial model that was more in line with my own beliefs and values. 


I’ve always wanted to work with people who couldn’t afford to pay me. I hate that money should get in the way of anyone accessing support they might want or need. 


And…I still needed to pay my own mortgage.


Working as an associate coach helped to bridge the gap, and I’ve been able to do deeply gratifying work in those roles; but how to bring my desire for equality to my private practice fees has eluded me. Until now.

As ever, the answer came when I stopped looking out there and instead looked at my own experience.


And here’s what I found:


  • I have been really fortunate to benefit from the profound generosity of coaches who have worked with me for free

  • I have also had great coaching from people charging low cost fees

  • I also know what it’s like to pay an eye-watering amount of money for a coaching package, a tenth of my entire annual income; so expensive that I went into shock and couldn’t tell my partner about it for 24hours

  • I also know what it is to need help and prioritise that spend above all else, spending more than a fifth of my monthly salary on therapy every month because it mattered; I mattered.


When I thought about how I’ve received coaching and therapy over the years, it became crystal clear to me about how I want to offer my services to others – simply mirroring the range of experiences I’ve had in my life.


Pay Nothing

At any given time, I will hold one spot open for people to receive three sessions of coaching completely free. This is for people who absolutely wouldn’t be able to afford coaching otherwise. No questions asked. I will keep a waiting list and move to the next person on the list once the three sessions are up.

Pay A Little 

At any given time, I will hold one spot open for people to receive three sessions of coaching at the reduced rate of £50 per session. This is for people for whom £50 a month would be a stretch. No questions asked. I will keep a waiting list and move to the next person on the list once the three sessions are up.


Pay What's A Stretch

For all other clients, I invite you to pay what’s a stretch. What does that mean? We all have different levels of disposable income, so I invite you to pay what feels like you’re making an investment in yourself; pay whatever sends the message: I matter, this matters. This will help you to focus in on the journey you are going on and ultimately get your money’s worth. Minimum investment of £100 per session. Usual frequency monthly. No limit on number of sessions.

Three ways to work with me:

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