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Y is for Yet

If you’re looking for a friend who will make you happy, look no further.

If you’re looking for a poem that will soothe and inspire you, here it is.

If you’re looking for a present to give yourself, ta-da!


There it is.

Did you blink? Did you miss it? Here it is again:


Yet is the most loving and constant companion your heart could hope to meet.

Yet is a lyrical lullaby to delight and calm your soul.

Yet is the gift that will keep on rewarding you, time and again.

Keep it close.

Because yet, though tiny, is perfectly formed and contains worlds of wisdom and grace within it.

Yet is full of appreciation for all that you’ve achieved so far, and will remind you of it freely whenever you need reminding.

Yet is excited by what’s to come and is thrilled at the prospect of the journey, bags permanently packed and ready.

Yet is deeply compassionate, the most supportive friend who always knows the right thing to say (and how to make your tea with just the right amount of milk).

Yet is a three-letter reminder that we are constantly evolving, in flux; not there yet because there’s no there there…just more to come, and more to come, till there’s no more of anything. Yet sees life as a sequence of moments, each packed with the potential to shift and turn on a ninepence, the possibility of perpetual change hiding in plain view.

When we find ourselves in Critical Judge mode, surveying the landscape of our lives and seeing only lack and loss and disappointment like fixed and calcified statues to our failures,

THAT is when we need to call on the grace and wisdom of Yet. Yet knows, with absolute confidence, that all is well (because even if it’s not well now, well remains available to us even if it’s

When we call out to Yet, we hear:

“My friends are all thriving in their careers and I’m going nowhere fast.”

You just haven’t found your flow yet, which means there’s more exploring for us to do; there’s an opportunity here for us.”

“Everyone is getting married and I’m perpetually single.”

So you haven’t found your person yet; that’s ok, it’s a process. How can we best enjoy the ride?

“I’ve zero confidence in this new job. I should never have come here”