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Seven Creative Gremlins

As it’s National Writing Day, it seemed like the perfect time to share with you what’s been keeping me so quiet recently!

So here it is, my new book!

This book emerged out of 25 years of friendship with my wonderful friend Nicola, who I met whilst working in a bookshop – where else! Nicola has gone on to become a successful author, whilst I developed a career as a coach, but the 25 years we’ve known each other have been filled with conversations around our shared passion for self-development and what it means to be human.

And that’s how this book came to be born. Nicola was talking about the book she wish she’d been able to read whilst working on her first novel – a book that would have reassured that it is PERFECTLY NORMAL to experience a barrage of negative self-chatter, self-doubt and even out right abuse from the not-so-friendly voices in her head. The voices telling her she was rubbish, she shouldn’t bother, and to give up and go back to the day job. Little charmers, aren’t they, our inner critics!

As we talked about this, we reflected on how many people actually DID give up, how many wonderful creative projects got left gathering dust, as people either believed the voices or simply turned the telly on in a bid to drown them out!

But the world needs our voices, needs our stories, needs us to make sense of ourselves and our world through an exploration of creative contributions. So, Seven Creative Gremlins was born. After all, how can you get past your Gremlins if you don’t even know they exist?

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