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Only you can be you

I posted last week about the tagline of my business: Coming home to who you are.

And someone commented that: "This is just so what everyone wants and needs - even if they don't yet know it."

I thought that was such an astute comment. It helped me to connect (with uncomfortable clarity) to my own experience:

For years (decades) I would really have preferred to come home to just about anyone else other than myself.

The thought of making a home in myself – ME? – was a non-starter. No thank you.

All I could see were my many and various flaws.

  • I was too gawky and awkward.

  • I was uncomfortable around people.

  • I never knew what to say.

  • I lived in my head.

  • Why would I want to be ME?

A much better plan seemed to be to look out for what was working in others and adopt and adapt my me to be more like their me.

I know, brilliant plan. How could it possibly fail?

(Spoiler alert: It did.)

Because I could only ever be me.

Just like you can only be you.

What a gift and a burden.

And just like the villain in a bad thriller, there’s the sense that we can do things the hard way or the easy way…

Lord knows I did it the hard way…for years.

But eventually the only option left was to meet myself with compassion and love and acceptance.

This is the way to come home.

So, yes: even if we don’t know it, yet, even if we’re busy making life hard for ourselves, the path home is always love.

How can you let yourself know that you love yourself, right now, just for a nanosecond?

  • Have a stretch?

  • Go make a cuppa?

  • WhatsApp a friend?

  • Stare at the clouds out of the window?

Go on, do that right now. Just for a nanosecond.

(And never underestimate the power of the small things in the tiny moments. After all, they’re all we have.)

Cover image: Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

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