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HeartMelt Moment

Doorknob moments in coaching and therapy are those last minute, end of the session bombshells that the client slips in as they’re out of the door.

It’s usually something that they want you to know but don’t quite yet have the capacity to work with in a direct or substantive way.

I had the opposite of a doorknob moment with a client last week – something I’m going to call a HeartMelt Moment™.

As my client was about to leave, she said, “Every time I see you, a light goes on where there was darkness before.”

And then she left.

And my heart melted.

What an absolute mind-blowingly gorgeous thing; for her to feel and for her to share.

I feel she expresses, with such poetry, what sits at the heart of the coaching relationship. By stepping into a coaching space, you’re actively demonstrating your willingness to shine a light into the dark spaces.

And I get that could sound unappealing. You’re not daft; you have things locked away in the dark spaces for a reason.

And also……we all know that monsters look so much smaller when we put the lights on.

If you’re interested in shining a light into the dark places - seeing things for what they are as opposed to what you fear they are - then I’d love to hear from you.

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