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Happy Anniversary to me!

I am 10!*

I’m just taking a minute to celebrate the fact that – 10 years ago to the day – I delivered my first coaching session.

(Well, I say ‘coaching’ but that may be a little generous...)

But there was definitely a) me and b) a client and c) a conversation happened, so suffice to say I began!

Began what has become a love affair, a pure vocation.

For me, coaching is equal parts art and craft.

The craft of coaching is in the contracting and the structure, the beginnings and endings, the checking and naming, the allowing not leading, the suspension of knowing and the capacity for being in the goddam beautiful mess of it all…

And the art of coaching lies in the mystery of the flow, the way a client’s brain will find random item X and attach it to random item Y and create a WHOA moment for themselves.

It lies in how generative and creative thought becomes when a person knows they’re being truly, deeply listened to…how fears summon the courage to emerge from the depths and be acknowledged; how unique parts of personality step forward and speak their needs; how there’s always capacity for new thought, lights going on in the dark.

For me, coaching is a joy and fulfilment. And, ten years in, I can honestly say I feel like I’m just getting started.

And how exciting is that! There is so much more road to travel, so much yet to be discovered.

I am grateful to ALL of the hundreds of clients I have worked with over the last ten years. They have taught me everything and I thank each one for the privilege of their vulnerability and willingness.

As for the next ten years, roll up, roll up!

No, really, roll up!

To help me celebrate my anniversary, I have decided to offer ten coaching sessions, no catch, no fees. Just for the fun of it and to help me celebrate my on-going love affair with the art and craft of coaching.

I would be particularly interested in working with people who wouldn’t ordinarily be able to afford coaching. If this applies to anyone you know, then please feel free to nominate them. Just drop me a line here.

Now, here's to seeing what the next 10 years bring.

Teresa wearing party hat

* I was in training, not yet qualified, so bet your bottom dollar I'm gonna have another celebration next year to mark ten years since qualifying! Just a little heads up ; )

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