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Free Writing

Free Writing is an extremely simple and yet incredibly powerful tool for anybody’s toolkit – you don’t have to consider yourself a writer to benefit from the practice.

Using a free writing approach helped me to discover what my core business offering should be.

It’s also helped me to tune into who I am, to remember what I’ve forgotten, to rediscover what lights me up…

The possibilities are endless.

It’s a technique that helps you to stay one step ahead of critical mind and tune into your subconscious mind instead.

A way to surprise yourself with, ‘Oh, I didn’t know I thought that’ moments, even as your hand is moving across the page.

And…you can do it effectively in as little as 5 minutes at a time.

(And we can ALL find the odd five minutes, right!)

What problem might you solve for yourself today, with 5 minutes of free writing?

Details on how to get started below.

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