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Coming home

The tagline to my business is:

Coming home to who you are.

One of the things I love about that expression is that people seem to feel it before they think it; there’s a recognition from heart before head.

Something within us longs to come home…even if our heads can’t articulate quite what that means.

The genus of this tagline came from when I was 30.

I was in the market for a new therapist (my previous therapist had taken her shirt off mid-session to show me her new tattoo, but that’s a story for another time).

I’d recently been made redundant, my relationship had ended, I’d walked away from the lovely home we’d made together and was living in a bedsit with storage heaters that were as depressed as I was. To say things felt hopeless is an understatement.

And then my therapist starts stripping mid-session.

By the time I was having a chemistry session with the new therapist, I was in dire need of something…some recognition…some hope.

I told him why I was there and after I spoke, he looked at me and simply said, “It sounds as if you want to come home.”

Instantly, something in me broke. That was the recognition I’d been longing for. He’d put into words what I couldn’t. I wanted to come home.

Twenty years on, this line has lost nothing of its potency. If anything, it has increased in potency as I now spend a lot of my professional life coaching people for whom it also rings true.

With my clients, I’m in the privileged position of the observer; I can see what they can’t.

Whilst clients might tell me all that is wrong, all that needs fixing or improving or to be made better in order for them to feel ok, I observe all that is right about them, all that is effortless, all that shines from the core of their being.

They may see themselves as a bit of a project, a do-er upper in need of repair.

I see that they’re already uniquely themselves, whole, home.

What can you do for yourself today to help yourself feel more at home in your own skin?

Whatever comes to mind…do that.

cover image: Photo by Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash

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