Coaching is an investment in yourself that is worth making. The feeling that the solutions to your problems are already inside you - and that you can and will feel better soon - is such an empowering moment. 


Since having coaching with Teresa, I’ve moved beyond the ‘impossible’ unhappy situation I felt stuck in, to a place where I’m flourishing and accepting challenges eagerly and confidently. By really listening and offering different ways to see my situation and my perceptions of myself, Teresa helped me develop a set of simple, effective and enjoyable tools that I can use to overcome situations that were making my work life so unbearable – anxiety, procrastination, guilt, feelings of being overwhelmed. I have tools at my disposal now where before I really had nothing!I had a chance to test them out and find out what was effective in a supportive, intelligent environment. 


I wanted to come away with practical tools and an emotional reward too, and I got both! What might you achieve if you felt better, more confident, less afraid, and were willing to try things and make mistakes? 

Greg, Manchester

Teresa's coaching has had a very healthy impact on my behaviour. To become aware and conscious of some of the issues I've carried around with me for years is invaluable in making life easier! Teresa was able to broaden my imagination. She is a very positive person. The whole experience has been an insightful journey and I'm recommending Teresa to all my friends.

Margit, Manchester

I’m a lot more positive now that I’m not obliged to say yes to everyone. I’m laughing more and doing more creative things and more of the things I enjoy. I’m starting to socialize with friends more and enjoy being me. I’m not sat in my room, my own worst enemy, beating myself up for making the wrong choices. Teresa was an exceptional coach and really made me feel I could do this – she’s very supportive and empathetic. She dances with compassion!

Michelle, Swansea

I believe coaching has helped me to get more confidence in myself. Whereas before I would shy away from certain situations, I now know I can go forward and deal with whatever life throws at me. I'm actually dealing with life, not just coping with it. I've got less anxiety and just feel a lot more energetic and happier.

Stephen, Blackpool


Sara, Stoke on Trent

 Although I was initially sceptical about how much the coaching would help me, I can say with absolute confidence that Teresa has changed my life. Without providing any advice but through means of focussing and asking questions Teresa made me review my thought processes, my values and ideologies and my understanding of myself, in a way that, without her input, I would never have done by myself. She led me through a terrible maze of emotion and challenging beliefs and brought me out the other end, and I can see far clearer now.

In a few sessions, Teresa has guided me to a better understanding of how I can move forward in my life, in a positive way, and with authority. I don't know how she did it, but she prompted me to take action, just by making me think about things, and through challenging the way I thought. I really feel as though I can plan for a positive future now.

I would definitely recommend Teresa. She is a very warm and endearing lady and someone with whom I felt I could engage. Her subtlety, tolerance and lack of judgement meant I felt I could really go for it. 

Teresa has been an excellent coach and has effectively guided me to be able to access my pain, deal with my guilt and come through the other end. I feel blessed to have had this journey of emotional freedom.

In the past when I sought help, I was never able to get past facing the pain - but in coaching I’ve been able to face it and work through it and now I feel more free. With compassion and laughter Teresa helped me on a deep level. Thank you.

Tara, Birmingham

I've noticed changes in the way that I think and approach things. I don't fly off the handle with the kids now and I'm much more aware of my impact on them. It's been so good to talk to an impartial, unbiased outsider. Friends and family just aren't as objective. I feel equipped for whatever lies ahead now.


The road of life is full of obstacles and if your car's not equipped you can run into problems. But I've got the right tyres on now, petrol in the back and provisions in case of problems. I'm all set!

George, Manchester

Teresa helped me gain clarity and understanding at every session. I was given the space to unpick my thoughts, allowing me to notice unhelpful beliefs I was holding as well as simple ways to move forward. Teresa is extremely intuitive, reflective and honest; her authenticity impressed me. I greatly enjoyed that Teresa has a sense of humour, and that she laughed with me - it made me feel appreciated as a person and helped me to be completely myself, without needing to edit myself. I would definitely recommend Teresa, she is a warm, insightful coach with a natural inclination for this work.

Sulu, London