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You want lasting change; I'm here your journey

I work with people looking to make a deeper connection, to themselves and the world, by becoming more of who they already are. 


Most of my clients want a variation on a theme when it comes to results from coaching; they want to feel better about themselves, to trust themselves more, to make decisions that will lead to greater sense of ease and fulfilment in their lives. 

Clients leave coaching at a point where they just 'feel better', more at home in their own skins.


They also leave coaching with mindsets, tools and habits that will support a life's work towards feeling incrementally better over time. A real investment in self.

I specialise in helping you develop your relationship with yourself...

Including issues related to self-esteem, self-worth, shame, self-confidence, over-thinking. 


and developing your relationship with the world.

Including issues related to anxiety, overwhelm, resilience and effective communication.


Although I was initially sceptical about how much the coaching would help me, I can say with absolute confidence that Teresa has changed my life.

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