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Should you?

It's the tiny...loving...nudges that make all the difference, over time.

But do watch out for one of the tricks that hard-on-you thinking can play on you.

I work with a lot clients who feel that they SHOULD be doing more to ‘improve’ themselves; they SHOULD have a better morning routine, they SHOULD be meditating more consistently, they SHOULD be listening to more personal development podcasts, on and on, blah blah blah.

The trouble with having SHOULD as a cheerleader is that if you slip up or miss or, you know, be a human, in your intentions then the hard-on-yourself part will happily come and beat you over the head with its pom-poms, reminding you how rubbish you are when it comes to sticking at things and what a hopeless human you are that’s probably never going to amount to anything.

And, for extra fun, if you do consistently stick with one thing, SHOULD will happily come along and tell you that actually you SHOULD be doing something else altogether instead.

All of which makes SHOULD a truly shitty cheerleader.

And having a shitty cheerleader on your side naturally gets in the way of making progress, over time.

A more empowering practice is to make a home for yourself in CHOOSE. In any given moment, a choice is available. Asking yourself what you choose helps you to get to know yourself, and also helps you to exercise discernment which is a super-power when it comes to personal development.

When we choose, we make changes over a long arc, born out of consistently coming back to a place of energising empowerment.

So, make CHOOSE your cheerleader.

And re-tune shoulds to choose.

Not because you should; but because you choose to.

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