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The thing about employing people to work for you is that they're, you know, people. And they have lives that aren't always easily left at the door. And they have emotional states that aren't always set to optimum performance. And they can be inconsistent in how they communicate with others. In short they can be, you know, human. And humans can be messy. And messy takes time.

Bringing a skilled coach into your place of work communicates your willingness to support, develop and champion the humans in your building. It fosters trust (which is a commercial super-power) and increases the potential in your people - unleashing their own super powers. 

Interested? Drop me a line to see how coaching can be the best fit for your organisation.

Teresa was so warm and encouraging she really put me at my ease - and I didn’t expect to laugh so much during the sessions. I have learned new techniques that have really helped me to see my place in the team dynamic differently, whilst giving me a way to take more responsibility for my part in the situation and bring about a harmonious working environment where previously there had been tension and distress.

Julie, Middlesborough.


As a coach, I get to see literally and figuratively behind the doors of many organisations, and I see all too often the corrosive impact of out of control workplace cultures. I see the distress caused when people want to do well in their jobs but are floundering beneath the demands of heavy workload, conflicting demands and toxic dynamics.


I also see how coaching can quickly and effectively ground these people back into a place where they can access their internal resources, regain a sense of perspective and balance, take responsibility for their place in toxic situations and find a way back to making positive contributions.

Whether it's a package of one-to-one support, or a group coaching intervention to support learning and development across teams, schedule a chat today to find out more about how a bespoke coaching programme could improve your workplace culture. 



I offer a series of workshops that are deigned with your workforce in mind. Small tweaks and adjustments can help people to operate at optimum stress, delivering peak performance, increased engagement and higher levels of job satisfaction.

See below for sample workshops, or let's talk to design some that best meet the needs of your teams.



Anxiety steals brain function and robs you of your resources. It can stop you thinking clearly, thinking creatively, making decisions and generally working with ease. This workshop will introduce some simple tools that can help stop it running the show. 



Overwhelm is that rabbit caught in headlights, drowning not waving, foggy brain feeling that signals you to make changes now to avoid the risk of burnout. This workshop will help you to see through the fog, reprioritise and start taking control back.



Do you struggle to get your point across? Do you avoid confrontation? Do people talk over you in meetings - or do you talk yourself out of contributing in a group? This workshop teaches practical tips for how to communicate with confidence.

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