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Presented by Tamala Francis,
Founder & CEO at Francis & Co.

Six Signs That You're Hard On Yourself

(and three ways to break the habit) 

If you could achieve wonderful things in your life without constantly beating yourself up…would you?

If you believed that being hard on yourself was a habit, not a personality trait, what could change for you?

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Are you ready to change the habit of a lifetime and come home to who you truly are?


Six Signs That You're Hard On Yourself
(and three ways to break the habit)

This e-book, born out of years of personal and professional experience, will show you that:


you are not a do-er upper


you are not broken and in need of constant improvement


being hard on yourself is learned - and can therefore be unlearned

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Download this FREE e-book now and you'll:


discover how hard -on-yourself thinking is keeping you locked in an un-winnable game


learn simple and powerful ways to come into a more supportive relationship with yourself, immediately

Download the e-book now! 

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