Some coaches like to work with people who say, "Everything's great, I just want things to be greater." That's not me.

I like to work with people for whom things are currently a bit tough and they'd like them to be a bit less tough. Because I think that being alive can be a tricky business. We’d all rather have more good times than bad times and sometimes it can feel like the balance is off. We can find ourselves with too much worry or anxiety, too little confidence or self-belief or simply with a vague feeling of not being the being we thought we were supposed to be.

Life can end up feeling like it’s happening outside of our control. And, generally speaking, as humans, we don’t like that! 

But what if you could learn to work with the fear, anxiety or self-doubt? What if you learned how to look it in the eye and discern the message waiting for you? What if you could find a way to take back some power and say NO to settling for less than you want?

As a coach, this is where I love to work.

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Client Testimonials



"I've been able to publish my book!"

I have never felt that Teresa is following any kind of formula in her coaching and she is extremely intuitive. Above everything, coaching with Teresa is a lot of fun! Our sessions are often of a deep and serious nature but we seem to spend much of this time laughing and experiencing genuine joy. It is such a freeing experience. I have shared the deepest parts of myself with Teresa and I have always felt supported. I trust her entirely and always look forward to our enlightening sessions.


"Her lack of judgement meant I could really go for it."

Although I was initially sceptical about how much the coaching would help me, I can say with absolute confidence that Teresa has changed my life. Without providing any advice but through means of focussing and asking questions Teresa made me review my thought processes, my values and ideologies and my understanding of myself, in a way that, without her input, I would never have done by myself. She led me through a terrible maze of emotion and challenging beliefs and brought me out the other end, and I can see far clearer now. In a few sessions, Teresa has guided me to a better understanding of how I can move forward in my life, in a positive way, and with authority. I don't know how she did it, but she prompted me to take action, just by making me think about things, and through challenging the way I thought. I really feel as though I can plan for a positive future now.



"The perfect mix of intuition and practicality."

The overall experience of being coached by Teresa has been that of having a wise and trusted mentor, guiding me on the path that is the most rewarding, authentic and disciplined so that my working and personal life becomes increasingly rewarding.  Teresa responded in the moment to what I brought to the sessions, which resulted in some amazing realisations and shifts, but this is not ‘woolly’ or abstract life coaching – as well as being very in tune and empathetic, Teresa is also incredibly practical and strategic and so I was always confident that, as I moved towards these new hard-to-grasp realisations, there would also be practical tasks and actions for me to take that would help make these changes a reality in my life.

Membership & Qualifications

Member, International Coach Federation

- Diploma in Transformational Coaching, Animas

- Certificate in Group Coaching, Animas

- Diploma in Team Coaching, Executive Coach Studio

- The Thinking Partnership Course, Time to Think

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