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I support brilliant women to come home to who they truly are.

I am on a mission to help brilliant* women stop being so hard on themselves and come home to more of who they truly are. [*And yes, that means you; I see you.]


Why this mission? 


Well, I don’t like to boast, but I’m a woman who is phenomenally talented when it comes to being hard on myself – I’m really, really good at it and I’ve been doing it a really long time.

I’m also someone who has spent 20 years exploring different therapeutic and spiritual approaches to remedy this way of being, along with a decade spent coaching others putting this learning into action.

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30 Day Loving Reboot, designed to help you come into a more loving relationship with yourself.


I work with people looking to make a deeper connection, to themselves and the world.



Group coaching to transform the relationship you have with yourself.


I always finish my sessions with Teresa much calmer and knowing better what to do to solve a specific issue. She helps my brain and my heart talk to each other, and then to me. 

Seven Creative Gremlins

I had a ball co-writing this book with a very dear friend of mine. She's an award-nominated novelist and copywriter of 20 years experience. I contributed insights about the collection of internal saboteurs we all harbour.


The result is a perfect travel companion for any writer embarking on a creative journey, explaining how these Creative Gremlins are the cause of writers’ doubts, fears and stalling strategies.

Available to buy at Amazon.

For more writing support, see The Unstoppable Author


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