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Are you ready to prioritise your own peace of mind?

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What is the Masterclass?

The Masterclass is designed for people who have been through the 30 Day Loving Reboot and are looking for a deeper connection to the material.


It offers a space to personalise your experience of the core concepts in the 30 Day Loving Reboot, concepts that that turn your relationship with yourself from one of criticism and judgement to one of supportive love and care.

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Easier decision making in life

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Increased energy

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Increased clarity

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Greater understanding of what fires you up

Which results in?

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Being able to envision a future for yourself that is built on the foundation of self-awareness

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Feeling more able to engage with life on your terms

Spend time with like-minded souls to define and refine your very own unique pathway - taking only what you need and leaving the rest - so that life, for you, can finally start to get easier.

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Ready to go?

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